We often turn our head away whenever we hear people talking about carpooling. It’s something we are not very familiar with, or something we can’t imagine to implement in our way of life. In reality though, carpooling can make your life and the life of your employees much more comfortable. Certainly when you do it in the right way, the Kowo way!

There is so much different benefits of carpooling that everyone can find something that fit for him in it. Imagine that from now on you can offer carpooling to your employees on their way to work and let’s find out what they could gain!

  1. Save Money

By sharing a ride with someone, you will obviously be able to share every car related costs … and every car owner knows how high those can be. So by carpooling on a regular basis, you are actively saving a lot of money.

  1. Do the planet and yourself a favour

Lesser fuel consumption = lesser pollution. As simple as that!

  1. Get to know people

Tired of commuting to work every day all by yourself with only the radio to give you company? Try out carpooling on your way to work, it will benefit your relation with your colleagues and make commuting way less boring.

  1. No need to buy your own car

It seems logic to you that everyone has to have a car? Wrong, carpooling gives you the comfort of travelling by car, without the need to buy it yourself. It is also a lot cheaper than a taxi of course.

  1. No need to drive if it’s not your cup of tea

You hate driving through morning rush hour? You prefer to relax and have a nice chat? Then carpooling is the perfect solution for you. Jump into your colleague car, sit back and enjoy the ride.

  1. No longer depend on public transport and its unreliable service.

Sick and tired of delays, strikes, canceled trains or buses, over crowded vehicles,..? Well, let’s find a colleague that can give you a ride from time to time or on a daily basis.

  1. Actively reduce traffic jams

Studies have shown that  10% more carpoolers would decreases traffic jams of 40%. And even more: if 25% of the people would carpool, there would be no more traffic jams… Do we need to say more?

  1. Kowo makes it a piece of cake

The Kowo application does all the work for you, no need to spend time organizing the details! Just let us know when you want to carpool and we will match you with one of your colleagues.

  1. Kowo is the most secure way to carpool

If you are carpooling to and back from work, it is important to be sure that you will get there. Therefore, Kowo includes a insurance that guarantees you will arrive at your destination. If your driver doesn’t show up or in case of emmergency, we provide you a free taxi.

  1. It is good to share

Sharing is caring and what you give is what you get! Sharing a ride gives great satisfaction both for passenger and driver. Try it out and discover it yourself!

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