Kowo is not only about selling you a product: it is about helping you motivate your employees to change their mobility behavior. And what if we could also make sure they will take the best out of our app? Deciding to integrate carpooling as part of the mobility plan of your company is one thing, making sure your employees will be willing to use a carpooling solution daily is another. That’s why Kowo put in place a strategic communication plan to get in touch with your team members and make them realize how great it could be to use thisContinue Reading
It’s a reality: less and less young people want to own a car… They prefer to share it. Car sharing, carpooling, emerging motility solutions: the number of alternatives to the personal car continue to grow, and so does their success.   The habits of young people in terms of mobility is definitely changing. There was a time where every 18-year old’s biggest wish was to own a car. Today, cities are becoming the cars’ number one enemy. Parking is ever more limited and they must make place for other, often greener, alternatives. Several studies show that it is not aContinue Reading
Bonne nouvelle ! Le magazine Trends Tendances s’est penché sur Kowo et son équipe et publie cette semaine un joli article à notre propos. Découvrez-le et n’hésitez pas à partager !Continue Reading
Kowo is really glad to be once again in the press, thanks to the belgian magazines Le Moniteur Automobile & Autogids. They published today the same article – one in french and one in dutch – that explains our product and its purpose. Check it out and do not hesitate to share!  Continue Reading