kowo works hand in hand with the user

Kowo is not only about selling you a product: it is about helping you motivate your employees to change their mobility behavior. And what if we could also make sure they will take the best out of our app?

Deciding to integrate carpooling as part of the mobility plan of your company is one thing, making sure your employees will be willing to use a carpooling solution daily is another. That’s why Kowo put in place a strategic communication plan to get in touch with your team members and make them realize how great it could be to use this new innovative app you just offered them!

By organizing several “onboarding sessions” of our product inside your offices, we make sure that 1. Your employees hear about us 2. All their questions and fears are answered and 3. They can access technical guidance if necessary. Also, the presence of some of our team members in your building’s hallway is a simple but efficient way to personify Kowo and create a strong and useful relationship between us and the end-users. This bond will help us gather feedback and insights about our product, and continue to improve ourselves according to it.

What is exactly an “onboarding session”?

An “onboarding session” is a physical information touchpoint placed inside of your company’s main offices (typically your hallway) during several mornings/afternoons. The goal: meet your employees, spread the word about Kowo, explain them the benefits of carpooling and of our completely automatized solution, and exchange opinions regarding those topics.

Of course, the Kowo team is always ready to do a close follow-up via e-mail or telephone for any employee who would request it.

Also, according to the need and ideas of our clients, we create tailor-made sessions in order to meet as close as possible the specificities of each company.

Let’s look at several examples:

For Elia, we organized a public presentation in an auditorium, also available via Skype for people who couldn’t attend. This was also followed by a lunch offered by Elia. This was a great opportunity to give all the basic information about Kowo to everyone at the same time.

For Carrefour, we organized a giant breakfast next to our stand, offered by Carrefour, with coffee, fresh juice and croissants. Employees would grab a pastry and discuss with us in an informal and friendly way. Also, a TV crew joined us to capture the moment.

For Delaware and Elia, in addition to the classic onboarding sessions, we included our stand in internal events and fairs (Innovation fair, annual employees gathering, …) organized by the company.

Why is it important to do it more than once?

We all share the same goal: succeed in implementing Kowo in your company. To achieve it, we need to make sure that the most employees possible will use our service, starting by downloading the app and creating a personal account. Problem: only 20% of your employees will open the e-mail you’ll send to them. Our solution: increase the number of touchpoints to create curiosity, lead them to discover more about Kowo by coming to our stand, and finally transform them into active users of our service.

By being present in your company’s building several days in a row – or at least several days spread over a short period of time – we make sure to address the most people possible. Some of your employees are only coming to the office half of the time? They will still have the chance to meet us! Some of your employees will be too busy to come and have a chat on the first day? They will still have the opportunity to come back the next day! And what if a user downloads the app and starts using it, but faces any problem or has an additional question? He will still be able to come back at us, and we’ll be more than happy to help!


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